1. The hotel day lasts from 3 PM to 11 AM. Przystanek Sopot Plaza may refuse to admit a Guest without giving
    a reason.
  2. In order to confirm the reservation, you need to pay the appropriate amount to the facility's account and send the confirmation of the transfer to the e-mail address:, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.
  3. Przystanek Sopot Plaza does not refund money after paying the accommodation fee.
  4. In the case of booking for a group of people, Przystanek Sopot Plaza may request a security deposit in the amount of PLN 1000.
  5. Rooms are rented after presenting an ID card or passport and after payment.
  6. It is forbidden to lend accommodation to persons who are not registered in the facility. The guest may not transfer the accommodation to third parties, even if the period for which he has paid the due fee for the stay has not expired.
  7. Please keep the rooms and common areas clean and tidy. Esecially bathrooms, dining room and kitchen.
  8. It is forbidden to move the furniture in the rooms.
  9. Przystanek Sopot Plaza is not responsible for items left in the rooms.
  10. Items left in the room after check-out will be stored for 1 week.
  11. Guests are required to comply with fire regulations and general safety rules.
  12. Przystanek Sopot Plaza is not responsible for any failures and their consequences beyond our control.
  13. Guests are required to hand over keys to the room and to the locker after the end of the hotel day
    on the last day of the accommodation. For lost keys / cards, the Guest will be charged a fee of PLN 30 per key. For losing the remote control to the entrance gate, the Guest will be charged a fee of PLN 50.
  14. The guest is financially responsible for damage or destruction of the equipment in the room.
  15. In the event of damage / destruction, the Guest shall bear the full cost of repair or replacement. The property will inform about the cost on the basis of the issued invoice within 7 days of the guest's check-out
  16. For excessive dirt in the room requiring additional cleaning, the Guest will pay an additional fee of PLN 100 per room.
  17. Dirt or damage to the mattress will result in the Guest being charged with the cost of cleaning the mattress and bedding PLN 200.
  18. The behavior of guests and third parties should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. Przystanek Sopot Plaza may refuse further stay to a person who violates this rule, behaves aggressively towards the facility's staff and does not comply with the rules prevailing there - even during the hotel day and without
    a refund of the accommodation fee.
  19. There is a curfew in the facility from 10 PM to 7 AM. During this time, unregistered persons cannot stay on the premises. Each unregistered person staying in the facility in the above mentioned will be asked to pay for the stay (the rate is calculated for the room in which the person is currently staying) - the responsibility for the visitors is borne by the hosts. For the breakdown of the curfew, the person who made the reservation will pay a fee of PLN 500, if the curfew is still broken, the guests will be removed from the facility.
  20. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters and other similar devices that are not room equipment in the rooms.
  21. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises of the facility. For breach of this rule, the Guest will be charged
    a fee of PLN 500.
  22. It is forbidden to use and trade in illegal substances on the premises of Przystanek Sopot Plaża.
  23. It is forbidden to bring pets without the consent of the facility staff.
  24. Guests have the right to file a complaint in the event of noticing any deficiencies in the quality of the services provided. All complaints are accepted by the reception desk. The time for considering the complaint is
    72 hours. We wish you a pleasant and successful stay at Przystanek Sopot Plaza, hoping that you will visit us again.

We hereby inform you that by signing the registration card you consent to our regulations.